• San Diego Writing Expert Kerri De Rosier

    San Diego Writing Expert Kerri De Rosier

Making the World Write... One page at a time.

What you put out there reflects who you are. Straightforward, clear, error-free writing tells your audience that you care — not only about the written word — but about them. Your words reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. I offer an array of services to help you do just that.

Make your message clear

It’s important to define your audience. When I write or edit a document, I put myself into the role of the reader. I’m constantly asking: “Why is this important?” “What’s in it for me?” As I work, your core message becomes sharper and more relevant. Let me tailor your information for YOUR audience.

Help with thesis papers and dissertations 

Have everything done and need a style check? Proofreading? Copy edit? Are you so tired of looking at your work that you no longer know if it's in a logical order or makes sense to a typical reader? Let me be your reader advocate: I can help you with the required style guidelines, clarity, organization — whatever you need.