• San Diego Writing Expert Kerri De Rosier

    San Diego Writing Expert Kerri De Rosier

Making the World Write... One page at a time.

What you put out there reflects who you are. Straightforward, clear, error-free writing tells your audience that you care — not only about the written word — but about them. Your words reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. I offer an array of services to help you do just that.

Make your message clear

It’s important to define your audience. When I write or edit a document, I put myself into the role of the reader. I’m constantly asking: “Why is this important?” “What’s in it for me?” As I work, your core message becomes sharper and more relevant. Let me tailor your information for YOUR audience.

Check out my new writing workshop at Writers, Ink! 

Go to the Writing Workshops page for more information. I can also create a custom writing workshop for your workplace.

One-on-one writing tutoring

Because I feel strongly that the world needs better writers, I offer one-on-one writing tutoring for everyone including students and professionals. One-on-one writing tutoring has been proven to be the most effective method of improving writing, helping to improve grammar, change old habits, teach writers that writing is a process, and help writers learn to write more clearly for their intended audience.

Help with thesis work

Have everything done and need a style check? Proofreading? Copy edit? Are you so tired of looking at your work that you no longer know if it's in a logical order or makes sense to a typical reader? Let me be your reader advocate: I can help you with the required style guidelines, clarity, organization — whatever you need.