I Make the World Write Services

Here are the services I offer:


  • Newspaper articles/Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Training manuals
  • User manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • Resumes
  • Web site content
  • E-blasts
  • . . . You name it!


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Various levels of editing:

  • Proofreading: A “final catch” for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors—everything you think you covered already.
  • Copy editing: Correcting grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, word choice, sentence structure, improving clarity
  • Heavy copyedit: All of the above, including rewriting, and looking for “big picture” issues such as structure, overall clarity and organization
  • Academic editing: Assuring adherence to styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago

All writers need editors!

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One-on-one writing tutoring for a range of writing including:

  • College essays (Common application; University of California)
  • School essays
  • Academic articles
  • Business reports
  • Technical reports
  • Research papers
  • Resumes

. . . whatever you need to work on.

The sessions sometimes include simply brainstorming ideas, outlining, and working on thesis statements for academic papers.

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“Write for Life!” Workshops

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively makes you a standout in LIFE. While there are plenty of job openings out there, employers with job openings keep them open because they can’t find candidates who can speak and write clearly. Writing clearly gives you a leg up in a competitive marketplace.

I offer writing workshops for high school students interested in improving their writing skills, and for businesses interested in helping their employees improve their writing skills.

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