“Write for Life!” Workshops

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively makes you a standout in LIFE. While there are plenty of job openings out there, employers with job openings keep them open because they can’t find candidates who can speak and write clearly. Writing clearly gives you a leg up in a competitive marketplace.

I offer writing workshops for high school students interested in improving their writing skills, and for businesses interested in helping their employees improve their writing skills.

2-day workshop for high school students 

If you're a high school student, you might feel like all that matters right now is that college essay (and it is important), but think about all of the other writing you’ll be called upon to do in LIFE: professional e-mails and memos to professors, school administrators, and colleagues; employment applications; cover letters; term papers; resumes . . .

In this 2-day workshop, you will get the basics to WRITE FOR LIFE! The workshop covers:

  • The writing process
  • How to structure and write an effective essay
  • An introduction to the MLA writing style
  • Tips on writing with clarity and purpose
  • Basic punctuation and mechanics (avoiding apostrophe and comma abuse)
  • Common writing errors and how to fix them (it’s vs. its, affect/effect, etc.)
  • Tense and subject/verb agreement (not as scary as it sounds)
  • Active vs. passive voice

Note: The workshop is suggested for high school students 10th grade and higher. Workshops run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at my home in Point Loma. There will be breaks and snacks! Course offerings are subject to enrollment numbers. Class size maximum of eight students. More classes may be added depending on demand. 

$125 per student for a two-day workshop. If possible, I'd like a writing sample prior to the workshop.

Custom workshops

Graduating from high school or college doesn’t ensure proficiency in basic writing skills — which is why I’m in this business! I can custom-tailor my workshop to suit the needs of your workplace — big or small. Topics could include basic sentence structure, grammar instruction, report writing and organization — whatever you need to help improve your employees’ communication skills and your bottom line.